“If It Hurts, It’s an Emergency”

At Coastal Connecticut Dentistry we take a cautious, proactive approach to emergency dentistry. A damaged tooth that’s not hurting you can still become problematic later. If it is hurting, that makes getting help all the more urgent. When you or a family member has a dental emergency it’s important to first keep calm. Emergency situations can be frightening, both due to the circumstances of the issue, as in dental trauma, or because the reason is unknown, as in sudden, unexplained discomfort. Second, it’s critical to reach out to us. Whenever possible, our doctors will make room in their schedule or will attempt to offer you same-day treatment at our Waterford, CT office. In some cases, we may be able to recommend fast home remedies right over the phone. We have the training and experience to treat a variety of emergency dental issues, in addition to the genuine concern for your wellbeing and sense of urgency you want when you suddenly need help.

Common Emergency Dentistry Conditions

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Accepted Dental Insurance

Coastal Connecticut Dentistry participates with Anthem Blue Cross and Delta Dental. For your convenience we will file claims with all insurances to help utilize your available dental benefits. Please call us at 860-775-6203 and let us know who your dental insurance provider is. We’ll do our best to work with you and your dental insurance provider to make sure you’re covered!

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When to Call Us, and When to Get Medical Help

If you’ve suffered a cracked, chipped or lost tooth or filling, or are experiencing severe tooth pain, be assured we share your concerns, and want to get you back to feeling normal as quickly as possible. Patients should call our Waterford, CT office at 860-775-6203 for urgent attention. You can count on us to be responsive to your needs. NOTE: Seek immediate medical care if you’re bleeding and are unable to stop it by applying pressure; you have a deep cut, lip puncture or wound that spans the lip and face; or you’ve developed swelling or an infection. Dizziness and neck pain are also potentially serious symptoms. A medical professional is best equipped to provide you with care for those conditions. If you’re the injured party, have someone take you to the nearest emergency room or call 911 without delay.

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