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Remove Problem Teeth, End Tooth Pain

Experiencing Tooth Pain?

Tooth pain is often described as one of the worst sensations you can experience. Tough on the outside when healthy, your teeth have highly sensitive nerves on the inside. When they hurt, you may have trouble functioning normally. Eating and even sleeping can become anything from difficult to impossible. Tooth decay is often the source of this discomfort, but trauma, misaligned bites or damage can also cause tooth pain. Whatever the case, we will always first try to save a tooth through various treatment options. There are times, however, when a rotten tooth or a broken tooth cannot be saved. In these instances, you’ll need to have the tooth removed. Here at Coastal Connecticut Dentistry we take a compassionate approach to tooth extractions, removing them as gently as possible and giving you the extra care you need. Our experienced dental team can quickly diagnose the cause of your tooth pain and provide the most effective treatment.

What to Expect, and What to Do Next

The extraction process is fairly straightforward. Our team will make a minimal incision in the surrounding gums and then carefully remove the tooth. We then seal off the extraction site with stitches. We’ll keep you calm and comfortable throughout the procedure using oral sedation, local anesthetic or a combination of the two. The extraction site should heal within 10 days. Be sure to follow all the post-extraction instructions our team gives you to ensure a smooth and full recovery. To restore the strength and beauty of your smile after extractions, we recommend that you consider replacing your extracted tooth with a dental implant. This will look, feel, and function just like a natural tooth, and with proper care will last a lifetime. We typically restore your dental implants with crowns that look and function just like a natural tooth.  Ask for more details on dental implants the next time you speak with a member of our staff.

Why You May Need Tooth Extractions

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