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Genuine Care for Your Loved Ones

As a patient, seeking out dental care for your family can be a tricky business. People of different ages need different kinds of care and finding all of it in one place isn’t always easy. The youngest members of your family, who may be visiting your family dentist for the first time, present added challenges, but nothing that our experienced, compassionate team cannot handle. We want you to know that we here at Coastal Connecticut Dentistry can remove all of those obstacles for you. Our patient-centered practice is built around giving you and your loved ones all the care you need in a compassionate and convenient environment. The staff here in our Waterford, CT office is sensitive to the dental anxiety children and even many adults can experience. We strive to make everyone feel as comfortable as possible with our relaxed atmosphere and gentle approach. Bring your family to us and see what caring family dentistry is like.

A Lifetime of Good Dental Health Starts Here

Routine checkups and teeth cleanings are essential to lasting dental health. But providing the best dental care to your family isn’t something we only do in the office. We can help you preserve the teeth and gums of everyone in your household by recommending a few best practices. Naturally, encouraging good dental hygiene habits—brushing and flossing—is right there at the top of the list. Your household consumption habits also play a major role. Minimize your family’s intake of foods and drinks that are high in sugar content, since these can contribute to tooth decay. Carbonated beverages also promote tooth decay, even when they’re sugar-free. You may enjoy coffee and/or tea, but try not to enjoy them too much, because they gradually discolor your teeth. The same goes for tobacco products—even the smokeless variety—so we urge you to avoid them altogether. Follow all of these guidelines to keep your family’s teeth strong, healthy, and shiny for a lifetime!

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