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Post treatment care is essential for the health and longevity of your tooth after a root canal. Luckily, the care is not complicated. A tooth that receives appropriate endodontic treatment followed by proper care can last as long as your natural teeth.  It is normal to feel tenderness at the site of the root canal and in the jaw for a few days after your dental procedure. This discomfort is temporary and usually responds well to pain medications. Following these simple guidelines post-treatment will ensure a smooth and successful recovery and reduce the tenderness as you heal.

After Endodontic Therapy Healing Guidelines

  • Immediately following the procedure, avoid chewing and drinking hot liquids until the numbness wears off. This prevents damage to the treated tooth and the soft tissues.
  • Control discomfort by taking your prescribed pain medication. If antibiotics are prescribed, take as directed to completion even after symptoms subside.
  • A temporary filling be placed between appointments to protect the tooth.  Occasionally, a piece will wear away or break off. However, if the entire filling falls out, please notify our office to schedule a replacement.
  • Most teeth that have had root canals will need some type of crown (cap) to protect the tooth from breakage.  We will also remove the temporary filling and place a more solid core inside.  Without these there is a strong risk of the tooth fracturing beyond any hope of repair.  The core and the crown should be scheduled very shortly after completion of the root canal.
  • Your tooth may feel different from your other teeth for some time after treatment. If you have moderate pain or pressure lasting more than a few days, contact us.


After the tooth has been restored, continue practicing proper oral hygiene, including brushing and flossing with regular dental visits. Call today if you have questions regarding your root canal or post treatment care.

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