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Stop Jaw Pain with TMJ Treatment

What Is TMJ?

You’ve probably heard the term TMJ used to describe the popping that people can sometimes experience when they’re chewing or talking. That’s a common misconception. TMJ isn’t a disorder, it’s the part of your body that’s suffering from a disorder, and jaw popping is only one of the symptoms. TMJ is an abbreviation for temporomandibular joint. You have two of them; they are situated under the skin and muscles just in front of each of your ears. These joints are the hinges that enable you to open your mouth to eat and speak. If you’re grinding your teeth, either during sleep or while you’re awake, frequently clench your jaws, or have misaligned teeth, you may experience TMJ problems that impact many of your essential daily activities. When this happens, we can generally correct the issue and get you back to normal using a mouth guard.

Symptoms of TMJ Disorders

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Effective TMJ Treatment

The team here at our Waterford, CT office can alleviate your TMJ symptoms by fitting you with a custom created mouth guard, a proven TMJ treatment that prevents teeth grinding and that we can also use to treat sleep apnea. Each mouth guard is customized to precisely fit the specifications of your mouth for the most reliable results. Mouth guards are easy for you to use. You simply put one into your mouth when you’re going to sleep, or at select times during the day, and take it out just as easily before meals and when you need to clean it. If you’re experiencing jaw pain or any symptoms of a TMJ disorder, don’t suffer needlessly—contact us for an appointment without delay.

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